Crosscountry-skiing and snowshoeing


On the northern slope of the Serra de Port del Comte, from 1,830 meters altitude, are the tracks of Tuixent-Lavansa. This winter 2022-’23 we opened punctually in the beginning of December. Visitors were able to enjoy the full 30 km of snowy tracks marked for cross-country skiing. There are also a large number of people following itineraries for snowshoeing.



Scarce snow


This past winter, we will not remember as a tough one with lots of snow, which is the most important ingredient of success. We had to close the resort before Christmas, but from 16 January we reopened some tracks for the school classes. Thanks to good preparation before the season, great efforts by the machine drivers and artificial snow, we were able to offer a circuit. In the ‘Bearded Week’ it snowed again and the strong cold kept a good condition of all tracks again!



Healthy and playful activity


School groups that visit us on weekdays are another important part of the activity in Tuixent. Cross-country skiing is a perfect combination of health and fun! It allows the discovery of the natural and snowy environment with autonomy. It’s a great opportunity to relate to classmates outside the classroom and at the same time there are many games known from the schoolyard that can be played with skis!



Marxa de l’Arp


Apart from the ski area, the rental of material, the restaurant and ski school, Tuixent-Lavansa has its ‘Arp Nordic Ski Club’, CENA. By the weekend of 4 and 5 March, they organized the annual Micro Arp, for the younger members or participants, and the Arp March, with two distances, for the older ones. The weekend after that we closed the season to private visitors and on the 17th we had the last school.



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