We board near Coll de Nargó, just where the River Segre turns into Oliana’s Reservoir. We start with a brief exercise to familiarise ourselves with the basic material and technique.

We get started: Simply to take advantage of the great extent of navigable water, to practice exercises, following the instructions, or for a longer excursion and even to reach hidden places. We plan the route based on the weather, your level, or on what you’re eager to do.

We can visit the mouth of the Sallent and take a small exploration on foot there, or pass through the Esplovins Gorge. The rocky and vertical landscape, and the silence that reigns here, impresses and makes us feel small…

We make a break on a beach you can only approach by kayak. After a drink and a bite, the wind, if there is any, will help us on the return. There is the possibility, if the weather is hot, to bathe.

The kayaks are safe and stable, and suitable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.

The excursion includes: kayak, paddle, life vest, civil liability and accidents insurance and accompanying, licensed guide.

With reservation, includes the ‘drink and bite’ as well: a kind of cake, coffee and tea, or watermelon, depending on the weather.

The client should bring a swimsuit or spare clothing, flip flops or old sneakers and a towel.

You will be given a waterproof storage for bringing for example; your cellphone, keys, a piece of clothing, something to drink or eat.

DISTANCE: to be determined


PRICE: Adults 30€ · Children (6 to 14 anys) 24€ · Groups of more than 10 adults: 25€


This is the best option if you really want a lot of exercise and adventure. Make sure first, that you will do the whole tour. You will have to, because we are talking about a cruise, with a starting point different than the arrival. There, however, we will pick you up, you and the material, with a van and a trailer.

The advantage is that you will not repeat the places you pass; everything is new, one surprise after another. At the boarding place the reservoir is wide, with plain, green shores. We can see the village of Coll de Nargó at the top of a hill and terraces with gardens and fields on its slopes.

This landscape changes gradually as we enter the Esplovins Gorge. As it is narrower, with steep edges, the vegetation is scarce and leaves the rock in the open. The road along this track passes through tunnels, so it doesn’t bother. There is silence, rock and water.

Later, the lake widens again. There are gravel beaches and pebble beaches, but the mountains are still very close, and very tall and breathtaking, seen from the kayak. It is not strange, because for the construction of the dam, they already took advantage of the narrowest place: They saved concrete, and the mountains on both sides acted as buttresses.

Near the Regina fixed-rope route we go ashore ..


You will be given a map with places of interest and mooring points and a waterproof storage for bringing for example; the cellphone, the keys, a piece of clothing, something to drink or eat.

PRICE: Adults 27€ (sharing Canadian kayak) · Children from 6 to 14 years 22€ (sharing Canadian kayak) · Adults 35€ (with individual kayak)


We go to Oliana’s Lake to do a playful, aquatic activity that lasts the whole morning or afternoon.

We meet the children at the mooring point. Depending on the water level of the reservoir, it can be at Clops de Fígols, or at Pla de Baix in Coll de Nargó, or either at La Penella.

The instructors introduce themselves and explain how the activity will take place. We show the material and do some ‘dry’ tests. Next we form the crews, get eguipped with paddles and life vests and go aboard.

Once you have got familiar with the equipment and the place, we propose some exercises. On one hand this is an opportunity for children to put into practice the technique, on the other hand, it allows us to find out what route we can do with them.

The level and capacities of the children, their interest, but also the weather and especially the wind determine which places we can visit. We can cross and explore the other side where the Sierra de Turp’s feet bathe in the lake, or go and find the mouth of River Sallent, or get impressed by the rocky shores of the Esplovins Gorge …

When we’re almost back, we conclude with some dynamic games. As exitement grows and as it’s warm, we often finish all wet.

We go ashore and we get changed.

Apart from the kayak we have some onshore activities. Some games to encourage collaboration, and an orientation game with the theme ‘aquatic birds’. These activities can make the visit to the lake more complete and can be developed with the kayak activity in the same time with the group divided into two subgroups, though this isn’t ‘necessary’ anymore:

Since 2021 we have capacity to embark the whole group or class, approx. 25 children and accompanying persons at the time.


Duration: Integral Kayak activity,


                 Set of activities: 3h – 4h.

Includes Canadian kayaks for 2 or 3 people each, paddles and life vests, oficial guides/instructors with ratio 8-10 children per instructor, civil liability and accidents insurance.


Price: 15€

Children must bring a towel, swimsuit or clothing that can get wet, flip flops or old sneakers.


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