Kayaking, hiking and biking in the Pyrenees



Welcome to the Pyrenees and to the Alt Urgell! A region that unites a great variety of landscapes. High mountains with lonely peaks, deep subalpine forests, rocky southern slopes with Mediterranean vegetation, canyons, white-wild water and wide, calm lakes.



The region is sparsely populated by a people that lives in relative harmony with nature, or concentrated in the largest villages along the River Segre. The liveliness and the cultural offer are surprising for such a rural territory.



Would you like to discover it? Then come aboard, we’ll take a kayak, ride the bike or take the Nordic Walking poles. Whatever the means of transport, it allows us to get further and see things differently. With an active body and an open mind you will live it intensely!

Kayak sessions with First Grade of secondary school of Ordino, Andorra

Kayaking on Oliana's Lake, so close to Andorra! During the last week of the school year, we have been visited by the 5 classes of the First Grade of secondary school of Ordino. Measures against Covid did not allow school trips with overnight stays. Therefore, instead...

How did the Bike Summer Camps ’21 go?

Third year of Bike Summer Camp - La Seu For the third year running, we held the Bike Summer Camp in La Seu, making bike trips along the mountain tracks from the Segre Park where we always started, in all directions. With a cosy group of ten children, we have pedaled...

Some facts about the paddles

Rowing or paddling First of all: When we go by kayak, we use paddles, not oars. An oar has one blade at one end of a stick that about halfway, turns around an axel on the rim of a rowing boat. Paddles, conversely, are not in contact with the boat. We hold them in our...


Excursions by kayak in the midst of nature.
Discover the flora and fauna of the lake and the shores.

Let the mountains overwhelm you, paddling Oliana’s lake!

Doing exercise and always with the water near to refresh yourself!


We are surrounded by emblematic mountain peaks, which are very satisfying to climb, for the challenge it is, for the pure air that you breathe and for everything that we can see around.

Closer to civilization we can also enjoy views and landscapes, waterfalls, Romanesque bridges and chapels, centennial trees, the surprise of a fleeing wild animal right in front of us …

Like all good things it  takes an effort, but this makes the desire only stronger! Come and share the route and good company!


This is a tough area. It’s beautiful, it’s cute, but so untamable at the same time. In the mountains our sight reaches so far, but this doesn’t bring things closer; rather the opposite.

It won’t scare the cyclists!  A mountainbike is the best reply. With two wheels with good tire profile, gears and suspension, nothing can stop us!

Go into
the wild!

Kayaks & Summits wants to be there for all kind of people. For the most crazy for adventure and also for those who just want a little tast of it.

However, we will always try to get most out of it; If you enjoyed one hour, spend another, or if you liked the kayak tour, try the hiking trip.

For an economic reason, but also because we have this idealism in Kayaks & Summits:


  • Sport is part of a healthy lifestyle. Kayaking, cycling and hiking and the practice of these activities in a natural environment are very stimulating. Almost without realising it, from the yearning to enjoy and discover, we are getting fit, physically and psychically in a very natural way.


  • We must protect nature, today more than ever. However, we don’t believe in putting fences and in looking at it from a distance. We are also part of the great ecosystem and we must know how to get on well together. At Kayaks & Summits we believe that the practice of sustainable activities fosters respect for nature. Once again, almost without realising it, driven by curiosity, while playing, we are learning to love nature. Adults and especially children. Children are in the process of learning and acquiring values. Let them have fun in nature, and it will make them take care.

Are you ready for adventure?

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