Good kayaking, despite the drought


First of all, I want to make it very clear that you can go kayaking perfectly! The water level in the Oliana’s Reservoir is rising: These days it has reached 53% of its capacity. Compared to other reservoirs that’s quite a lot. The access to the mooring places is good, the water is clean, it’s sunny, it’s cold… And it just doesn’t want to rain…

It is true that we are suffering a long drought and this is most obvious at the low level of the reservoirs. The subject is very complex, with causes and effects of climate change on a global scale, but the most striking image is without doubt the bell tower of the Sau Reservoir, not just above, but far from the water!

Reservoirs in the so-called Internal Basin, with rivers that lead directly to the Mediterranean Sea,suffer most: 92% of the population of Catalonia live here, and they must be able to drink. Oliana’s Reservoir is located in the Ebro Basin, with little population, but with agriculture and irrigation crops.

Another phenomenon, related to drought, which could affect us, is the risk of forest fire. If phase 3 of the Alpha Plan is declared, activities to nature are restricted. That was the case for fourteen days last summer.

To address these problems, among different entrepreneurs in our sector, we formed the Association for Nautical and Nature Activities of Inner Waters of Catalonia. (1st photo collage)



We offer healthy activities in nature


The photos directly above and below show the situation now in the Oliana’s Reservoir. We can board in calm waters at Coll de Nargó, make guided and circular excursions from here, rents, initiate cruises with ending near the dam and even a descent of white waters starting at the Clops de Fígols about a kilometre and a half north of Coll de Nargó.

With the partnership, we hope that we can demand responsible use of water resources and influence the design of fire risk measures: We should be taken into account! Right now we are happy to be united and to get to know each other a little better. It certainly improves our professionalism!



Timber rafting


It’s being a quiet Easter. I don’t know if it’s because of relative cold or people’s economic situation. So many images of bell towers and cracked earth are not going well either… Don’t believe it! 🙂

Another novelty is the traditional descent of the timber rafts by the ‘Raiers de Nargó’ this year: They will not do so in August, but now, to ensure a good flow on the Segre River.

Every afternoon this week, we are tying the trunks with birch branches in the town square and this Saturday the two three-segmented rafts will descend down the river. We’re really in the mood in Nargo!


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