Kayaking on Oliana’s Lake, so close to Andorra!

During the last week of the school year, we have been visited by the 5 classes of the First Grade of secondary school of Ordino. Measures against Covid did not allow school trips with overnight stays. Therefore, instead of making the usual big end-of-year journey, they had organised a week with sporting activities and leisure activities each day, closer to home. They have been surprised at what remains to be discovered so close to Andorra!

The kayak session from beginning to end

In the pictures, you see in chronological order how the session develops: The reception, the distribution of the material, an exercise with the paddle onshore, the boarding, etc. In the first days we embarked at Pla de Baix near Coll de Nargó. The other days with worse weather forecast, near the Mouth of the River Perles, where it is more sheltered.

Learn Playing

We’ve thrown and retrieved, and stolen the paddles. We have stood up on the kayaks and changed our kayaks in the middle of the bay. We played with the ball and we played Kayak-Polo. We’ve checked how many people fit in a single kayak and we’ve ‘shipwrecked’.

To the Mouth of River Perles

In the last photos, you see us getting off the kayaks at the Mouth of the River Perles and continue walking through this tributary. Here we found frogs, dragonflies, orchids, and we keep on being surprised by the purity of nature.

A nice School Trip to Oliana’s Lake in Lleida!

Each class has made somewhat different games and tours. All sessions, though we all ended up soaked! I wish we could receive more schools next year!

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