Going out to row, take a bath of nature, that’s the question! At Kayaks&Summits we’ve got a different formula suiting to every different person. For those people above: The guided excursion, that provides more securety, information about the surroundings and personalised, tecnical advice. But don’t mistake: This lad turned out to have talent!

Those here above: The cruise. Dutchies, ofcourse! Sailormen, adventurer, we’ll see where we’ll end up! They take a single look at the map, and go, into the wide world!


The couple: The cruise as well, though the opposite way this time. Wind had started to blow, so they’d rather go to the beginning of the reservoir, more sheltered, or with the wind at the tail.

The families, more or less numerous: The rental, to go, after a brief instruction, on their own. The fact that you depart and return to the same mooring place, provides the required securety. You can make the round as short or as long as you like.

And finally the Russians! They wanted it all! Guidance, and go down the rapids too! Well, because today was windy again, we went on board at the ‘Poplars of Fígols’, for, as the river is narrower here, it’s far less windy. In addition, you can go up and down the stream of the Segre, that discharges here in the reservoir, again and again!

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