On Easter sunday we went on excursion with little ones and big ones who spend their Easter holidays at Camping Gran Sol.

Along the ‘Trobada’ and the corn mill, we went up to the path of the ‘Rec dels Quatre Pobles’. It was quite steep, that climb. Once we arrived up there though, it was all flat, because it leads right over the irrigation canal, and the water, they take a lot further upstream from the river Valira, descends real slowly, in order to irrigate as many fields and gardens as possible. Thus, we walked on, comfortably, until ‘La Torre Solsona’, that played an important role in history in the defense of Catalonia.

From Castelliutat we enjoyed views of La Seu d’Urgell, the ‘Mesclant de Les Aigües’ (where the river Segre and Valira come together), and even of the Cadí Mountain range, because clouds disappeared.

Then, when we left Castellciutat, we were told that the Easer Bunny had hidden eggs for us! So, the youngest of the group went searching exited for the eggs.

With an accellerated pace we descended the track that lead us back to Camping Gran Sol.


What a huge company! Look at the camping from above: can you find your own caravan?

A small break at La Torre Solsona.

Images of the Easter Bunny, responsable for hiding the eggs…. Go and get them!

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