Every year during one day Coll de Nargó relives the profession of its forefathers.

Many of them used to make a living as a lumberjack and out of the transport through the river upon the merchandise itself. Upon the trunks tied together forming a raft, named “rai”, they navigated until Lleida or Tortosa, where the wood was employed to build houses and ships.

“Entre lo bosc i lo riu hi passave la vida.” –  “We spent our lives between the woods and the river.”

Every evening during this week you can participate in the construccion of the rafts at the square in front of the townhall of Coll de Nargó. On saturday 11th. of august the rafts will be taken to the section of the river Segre between the bridge of Fígols and ‘Els Clops’ (poplars) for the symbolic and festive descent.

Spectators can enjoy the descent from the banks. Moreover, you can live the experience much closer, by kayak, from 15€ adults and 12€ children.

After the descent of the rafts you can continue navigation on the section in front of ‘Clops de Fígols’, or if you wish so, extend the trip or cruise, until the mooring place of Coll de Nargó!

(Latest posters / photos of kayaking after descent of 2016)


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