Muntanyes Blaves are Blue Mountains, what we see from a mountain peak.

We view in front of us a panorama with other peaks of one mountain range after another, increasingly with a paler tone of blue until it blurs in with the sky and we lose sight.

Kayaks are kayaks and Summits can be concrete tops or other big challenges.

We are oficial guides and familiar with the rivers, forests, meadows and summits of the Alt Urgell. We like to share the natural wealth and cultural heritage we have here, through kayaking, hiking or mountain biking.

Lars Ruijter

Lands in the region towards the year ’97, in Les Masies de Coll de Nargó, to be precise. He quickly finds out he can not use the bike the way he used to do in his country, Holland, as a means of transport.

The beauty of the Serra d’Aubenç, however, attracts and pushes him to take the bike to make the first explorations. It is a wild territory that requires a lot of the explorer. Forced to make a great physical effort and to orient himself in the mountains, he discovers the sporting and adventurous side of cycling.

In 2000/2001 he obtains the title of Licensed in Guidance of groups with Physical- and Sports Activities in the Natural Environment. After exercising 5 years as a bicycle tecnician, he adapts to the rhythm of summer and winter seasons, which are very opposite in the Pyrenees and have each their own sports activities.

He becomes an instructor of Kayak and Rafting and Cross-country ski instructor. Obtains 2ond degree Ski-Patrol-Lifeguard, 2ond degree Cross-country ski instructor and 1st degree Kayak instructor.

Nordic Walking Instructor, by the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA)

Certificates for Cultural Guides, both from Patrimoni d’Andorra, and the Regional Council of Alt Urgell

Attends schoolchildren and private individuals, national and international visitors in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German or Dutch.

When the group size makes it necessary, we employ more specialised guides or monitors.


We have the knowledge to prevent all the risks that an excursion to the mountains or the lake can lead to. We have life vests, first aid kit, civil liability insurance and accidents insurance.


The activities we present here are the result of many own explorations, of accumulated expertise working as an instructor and on maintenance of the tracks. From a life close to nature, day to day.


We conclude that the proposals you find here are the ones that will give you the most complete experience. Look no further, worry only about enjoying it!
discover the territory

live unforgettable adventures

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